Thursday, August 31, 2006

My Truck #2

So I found out that the Salvation Army is not sending out an adjuster to look at my truck. Instead we have to send them 2 estimates an they will send a check for the lower of the 2 amounts. I also found out that the check will be made out to me instead of whoever is going to fix the truck. So now I can take my truck and get it done where ever I want, and I can also get my front end fix from an accident I had awhile back. I should even have money left over to keep for myself. Their insurance company is also going to pay for a rental car because it is going to take a few days to fix. It is amazing how God works in weird ways. I was really pissed off when this all first happened. But it ended up being a blessing in disguise. Now I get my whole truck fix and even get some money for myself. Not to pissed anymore.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Fantasy Football

So I ended up having 3 fantasy football drafts this past weekend and I was pretty happy with the way they turned out. However, I pick one player, Domanic Davis, in two of my leagues and now it looks like he may not even play at all this season. Once again the trash talking was running wild in the two private leagues I'm in. My favorite trash talk was Brandon making fun of Tyler for picking Reggie Bush. This is a keeper league so Reggie Bush is a great pickup. Everyone agreed but Brandon. But what makes this funny is that Brandon picked two spots after Tyler and took Joseph Addai. We laugh because Joseph would have easily been there in the next two rounds. Anyway here is what my teams look like.

Jcrew League: M Hasselbeck, L Fitzgerald, J Walker, Ma Jones, R Brown, C Williams, C Cooley, D Foster, K Barlow, M Barber, D Davis, D Givens, M Anderson, C Bradford, T Henry, Jacksonville

Cobra Kai: M Bulger, J Galloway, M Muhammed, N Burleson, E James, J Lewis, R McMicheal, D Rhodes, E Wilford, D Davis, C Perry, M Booker, L Toefield, W Lundy, C Buckhalter, J Brown, Tampa Bay

Public League: M Bulger, A Boldin, M Muhammed, P Burress, E James, C Williams, R McMichael, D Driver, C Dillon, Ma Jones, D Bledsoe, M Barber, D Givens, J Wilkins, Jacksonville

So I have some pretty solid teams right now. We will see once the season starts. I think I'm going to join one more public league but not until the season gets closer.

Friday, August 25, 2006

My Truck

So today I went down to the dealership to get some estimates on the damages to my truck. The guy took a look at the back of my truck and estimated the cost to fix it was going to be $2400. I figured it would cost no more than $1500. Good thing I'm not paying for it. The Salvation Army's insurance company is sending someone out next week to look at my truck and make an estimate. I have been thinking of just taking the truck to Maaco and having them to it. Then take the extra money and fix the front end. My front bumper is damaged from a fender bender I had last year. The dealership quoted the damaged at $1000. But that is with replacing the while front bumper. The guy said I might be able to just replace the brackets and that would cut down on the costs alot. The dealership also said it would take a week to fix it. So now we might have to get the salvation army to pay for a rental. Well, I just want this to be done with and paid for. In the next few months I plan on trading in my truck or selling it so I want it to look in decent shape.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

This Weekend

I think it is safe to say that I have been looking forward to this weekend for the past couple months. Yes, it is time. Fantasy Football draft time. It is the time of year where the following will inevitably happen: Tyler will realize that even though he knows alot about sports his fantasy team will end up finishing near the bottom in all of his leagues, Josh's life will almost come to an end because he took 10 mintues to draft a kicker in the 3rd round, Kelsey will make fun of everyone's pick and claim he has the best team and also sign all of his posts as Batman, Zack will take 2 tight ends and 2 marginal qbs by the 6th round, Bryan might be having another kid, Steve will forget when the draft is and end up hanging out with some random girl, Jeff will get pissed of because everyone is taking players he wants, Phil will be downloading so new program to help us with our drafts, and Brandond will be on his cell phone trying to tell us who he wants when it doesnt matter because his team will be dead last, again. And I will probably be physically injured, more than likely by Tyler, while trying to pick up a player who had a break out game. This league is probably my favorite because there is so much trash talking and it is our 5th year for this league. The past couple years we have done the draft in person instead of doing it online. This makes it all the more fun. Now when someone makes a horrible pick they will hear the laughs and jokes in person. The trash talking is in full force already. People are getting made fun of because of the players they had to keep from their last year's team. My keepers are looking really good for me. They are young and both are rbs and rbs are a premium in our league. I hope to have a minimum of 4 teams this year. Thats the usual load. Now my Sundays will be complete again now that football will be on. More than likly, you will find me and the boys hanging out at Kels house every Sunday afternoon until December. Let the trash talking begin. More posts to come with details on who I ended up drafting.

What A Long Day

Well, last night I got a phone call from my friend Lindsay and she needed some help. Well not her personally but her sister needed some help. Her sister, Rachel, was moving into a new apartment with her husband and they needed help unloading their u-haul. They didnt have anyone to help them and all we would have to do was unload the truck. I didnt mind helping them since I had nothing planned today but I didnt even know them at all. I think I have met them only once for a brief minute or so. So me and another friend of mine, Grant, made our way over to St. Pete this morning. Driving from Tampa to St Pete is horrible during the morning. It took us about an hour to get there. When we got to their apartment I saw the truck and it wasnt the huge u-haul so I figured it wouldnt take that much trouble to unload. Boy was I wrong. We quickly found out that their apartment was on the third floor. To make matters worse, it was so humid this morning and the power in their apartment hadnt been turned on yet so there was no air conditioning. We all were just drenched in sweat. I was so glad Grant decided to go with me because there was no way me and Adam, Rachel's husband, would have been able to do it ourselves. Also, Rachel and Adam were great. They were so grateful and appreciated us coming out to help them even though we barely knew them. They thanked us by taking Grant and I out to Applebees for lunch which was kind of funny because we all smelled and we asked to be seated some where in the back. After I got home I took a little nap and then decided to go work out and then came back home to work in the yard. So overall it was a very hot and physical day. But I enjoyed every minute of it.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Really Pissed Off

I think it is safe to say that I'm pretty pissed off. Yesterday, two workers from the salvation army came to my house to pickup somethings we were donating to them. Apparently, while they were backing up into my driveway they ran into the back of my truck. I didnt know this because I was inside the house when they were backing up and they also had the nerve not to tell me they did it when I came outside to help them. Soon after they left, my friend Kelsey came over to play what else but halo. After awhile my mom arrived home and asked us what happened to my truck. I was like what do you mean. She got this goofy look and said someone ran into the back of your truck. So me and Kels went out to check the damage and there was more damage then I thought there would be. We called the cops and there was nothing they could do about it. That will change when I become sheriff. We then called the salvation army and they had their supervisor call us today. He said he spoke with both guys and they denied hitting my truck. So now we have to wait until their insurance company calls us and if they wont fix it then our insurance company is going to go after them. I dont care what happens as long as it gets fixed and I dont have to pay for it. Im just real pissed that the guys said nothing to me when I came out to help them load their truck. I'll try to get so photos up shortly.

My First Blog

I decided to start a blog mainly out of boredom. I also want to learn some codes and maybe even design my own site. Hopefully I can keep up with posting and learn some new things. Hope you enjoy my ramblings.